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Our favourite store-bought frames can be found here.

Covid Statement:

Some orders are taking a little longer than usual to arrive. Please check your tracking number in your email for further information and contact us if you order has not arrived within 3 weeks (Australia) or 6 weeks (worldwide.) Thank you for your understanding at this time.


Methods: We accept all major payment methods: ShopPay, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Afterpay and Paypal

What you pay: As shipping worldwide is free, you pay only the total amount for your artworks as described in the product listing (minus any discount code you may have to apply at checkout.) GST is INCLUDED in the purchase price listed (not additional.) If ordering outside of Australia, you may also be responsible for import taxes imposed by your country on your items as they are sent internationally DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid.) These are not included in the sale price as listed on our website and are your own responsibility. We are not responsible for any additional import taxes or duties you may be required to pay outside of Australia.

Unfortunately due to the new VAT requirements of Brexit, we are unable to ship to the UK at this time. 


Why yes! Avec plaisir! (With great pleasure.) Claire takes only 10 per year and is usually booked several months in advance. A deposit of $600 will be required to book your commission and payment is organised through the website. Commissions open 1 January every year and close when booked out.

When do we post?

Usually, within 48 hours of your order. At peak times, we thank you for your patience if it takes a little longer. Please note A1 and A0 prints are printed to order so please allow a further 5-7 business days for your print to be made before standard shipping times.

Free Worldwide Postage is Standard.

This is standard. No code required. No minimum order.

Our post (free or otherwise) DOES NOT include any potential additional taxes applied on imported goods in your country.


Change of mind: Due to the delicate nature of our archival prints, change of mind returns can not be accommodated.

Postal Damage: If a piece has been damaged in the post, we ask you to kindly let us know within 48 hours of receiving it by emailing us - please include photos of the damage to the artwork as well as the damage to the packaging. We are unable to assess damages without these photos of both the item and packaging. All orders are carefully packed and leave The New Devine in perfect condition. Please see our Prints - Joy that Lasts section for tips re: unpacking your print in perfect condition. All orders are insured and sent registered post with signature on delivery. This is not optional.

We are sure that you will love your New Devine. However, if you feel something isn't quite right, please contact us so that we can find a solution, together. Please email salut@thenewdevine.com


We respect your privacy and will never, ever, give out your personal info. By signing up to our email list you are just making sure you are kept up to date with absolutely essential, exclusive offers and only contacted with AWESOME stuff.

Just a note on colour.

We triple check photo colour against 3 different screens in The New Devine studio to best possibly colour-match and accurately represent The New Devine Originals. Originals are usually photographed prior to varnishing to reduce glare for this reason. However, slight variations in colour due to brightness/variation in screens does sometime occur. I'm sure you understand we can't control your backlighting and I'm sure you won't mind - the colours will be more glorious in real life.

Prints - Joy that lasts.

Your print will most likely arrive rolled in a tube to keep it safe in the post. Take your time gently taking it from the tube. Avoid tugging on one spot or pinching with nails. Once out, simply keep the acid free paper on top of the cotton print, unroll it gently and use some soft folded towels/sheets out of the linen press to weigh it down until flat. Easy peasy.

My prints are made in Brisbane, on archival quality, Moab Entrada acid-free paper by a small family firm. Entrada is an all-cotton archival paper that is gloriously smooth and will last generations if you look after it. Any print made on different paper will be disclosed in the description. A better quality paper for you means significantly less ‘profit margin’ for me but far more personal satisfaction - and that’s priceless.

All of my prints are inclusive of a white border. This is so that you can have them professionally framed or fit them into commercial pre-made frames (which are often odd sizes) without having to sweat it. Occasional small dark coloured dots that appear to be part of the paper are simply part of the cotton archival rag and aren’t considered a fault. Please treat your print exceptionally carefully as they are precious and delicate.


Our favourite store-bought frames can be found here.

Most prints are made to fit standard commercial frames that you will see at all good major retailers. Yes, even the 30cm and 50cm square ones. You can also find an amazing selection of frames online for cheap (google ‘size of frame you want’ + ‘frame’ + ‘country you live in.’)

Professional framing is worth every penny. I do mine at Picture Framing on Discovery. However, often people tell me they are ‘scared’ of framing because they won’t know what to choose. I’ve been framing for a long time. There are things you should be scared of in life; spiders, the dog chewing your lacy knickers pulled out of the dirty laundry in front of your dinner guests, tax bills, waking up on Friday only to realise its actually Tuesday….but framing definitely isn’t one of them.

Step 1:Walk in to framers with print in hand.

Step 2: Ask to see mats (that’s the cardboard-looking thing that will sit around the print - ask for ultimate white or bright white if you’re feeling fancy, then experiment with whatever colour/shade takes your fancy.)

Step 3: They will have a big wall of frames and a nice big table for you to lay everything out on to look at. Start pulling frames you like off the wall and pair them with different mats for different looks until you find one you love. Natural timber frames are more expensive but look awesome - they will give you that Scandi/boho/minimalist/always in vogue look. Second preference is a nice plain white frame - classy to the hilt. Gold frames are also very popular.

Step 4: Make sure to stand back from the whole thing and look from different angles (or put the frame-corner on all 4 corners of the print) to make sure you still like it with a bit of perspective.

Step 5: Listen to the framer’s ideas/advice but ultimately stick to what you really love. Some framers (probably not yours) like to try to sell you a frame that is actually not the cat’s pyjamas but that they have stock of and are trying to rid themselves of. Framing is an artistic, personal pursuit and ultimately - you’re the one who’s going to be sharing your space with it for years to come so you should go with what you love.

Step 6: Pay, collect it a little later, enjoy forever. She’ll be apples!


Our cards are made in Australia from entirely recycled paper and printed using eco-friendly inks. They are gorgeous. The end.

Additional packaging

I have a very strong sense of eco-guilt and when you work in the land of paper…this is a daily struggle. So: my business cards are made from recycled t-shirts (100% cotton - how cool is that?) I use cellophane, not traditional plastic (breaks down faster) and I will never include additional print-outs in your parcel - so your print is wrapped in acid-free tissue paper (it is a must to protect it) but you won’t see a fancy card describing the story behind your print (screenshot the website if you want it) or a printed receipt (that’s in an email in your inbox.) Sorry…not sorry. Our new custom designed art packaging is mainly recycled. Super exciting.