We’re doing good.

Team Devine recognise that when doing good, there is always room to do better. However, it is important to us to carefully research and support charities and eco-organisations with minimal administration costs ie. where our money can do the most good. These causes are those closest to our hearts and frankly, we feel a bit weird telling you about our donations and actions because we don’t do it for accolades. However, we also feel deeply committed to transparency and want you to know where a significant portion of your money goes when you choose to support The New Devine. As a small Australian family business, it is important to us to demonstrate altruism as a core business activity and we hope many other small businesses will do the same.

2023 So far:

$950 - The Smith Family

$3500 - Prize donations for local schools

$2500 - Prize donations for registered charities including Precious Wings and Still Aware 


A huge first quarter.

2022 Continued...

$2700 in original Artworks donated to Dangerous Females

$370 to miscellaneous charities including Fresh Start Rescue

A further $1050 to The Smith Family

$150 -Movember

$50 - Rare Cancer Research Foundation

$180 - Life’s Little Treasures

2021 Donations

Wesley Special Care Unit - $1100 raised from sales of our Finn Print

Epilepsy Action Australia: $200 from sales of our Erin print.

We donated two originals (combined value of $5500) for Royal Flying Doctors fundraiser and a private kindergarten fundraiser respectively.

$1900 approx to our 3 sponsor children through The Smith Family.

We also had the privilege of supporting 96.5’s Hope appeal, donating $2500 of prints to decorate emergency housing for domestic violence survivors in Victoria/NSW and continuing our commitment to Greenfleet for carbon offsets.

Sustainability Practices:

Almost all our products are sourced entirely from other small Australian family businesses. This helps limit travel for items and supports the local economy.

Further, we’ve spent considerable time and effort researching how best to make eco-friendly choices for our business. As well as being dedicated recyclers ourselves, you’ll see that:

-Our greeting cards are printed on entirely post-consumer-waste recycled paper with eco-friendly inks in Australia. They come with aussie-made recycled envelopes.

-Our business cards are made from recycled cotton t-shirts

-Our ArtPacka Cardboard Packaging envelopes for our A3 prints are recycled and recyclable/compost-friendly, our cardboard tubes for bigger prints (but not the caps) can be recycled and our heropacks/jiffy mailers are recycled/recycle/compost friendly. Please check the packaging for the best way to give them new life. Our packing tapes are biodegradable with the exception of our Fragile tape and any backing board we use is recycled and recyclable. Where we use sleeves, they are high-quality cello which breaks down ultra-quickly (no plastic sleeve will ever be used in our packaging.) Our stickers are printed on recycled paper.

-Finally, we write thank you notes on ripped up off-cuts of prints and otherwise “wasted” paper so that we waste no stock and print to order for larger pieces so that there is no risk of wasted stock there. We never include print outs of receipts, packing slips or marketing material in your orders. You’ll find that information in your inbox.

Our 2020 Donations:

In 2020 alone we made more than $4000 in donations.

The Smith Family:

$1872 We are committed to supporting 3 Australian children through The Smith Family Australia. As Australian parents of small children ourselves, we find it unthinkable and abhorrent that Australian children might not have everything they need to succeed and feel confident at school. This has been partially funded with your assistance through the sales of Christmas card packs this year.

Legacy Australia:

$1051.78 raised with your help through the sale of our Trudy prints where profits were donated through Everyday Hero. My grandmother was generously assisted by Legacy after her active service and she in turn supported them for the rest of her life.

Guide Dogs Queensland:

$620 raised with your help with donations made for every New Devine purchase during Claire’s 30th birthday week. Our son Shiloh has a form of Albinism that drastically affects his vision. It is important to us to give back to an organisation that has provided so much help and hope for us.


$336 - We are proud to announce our new ongoing commitment to supporting Greenfleet to assist us to (in part) offset our carbon emissions as a business. Greenfleet is a leading not-for-profit organisation committed to protecting our climate by restoring our forests. This donation covers 3 tonnes of carbon offset for our website visitors this year as well as 1000 express eCommerce parcel deliveries and we paid an additional $36 to roughly cover the ‘admin’ costs of our donation so that our donation could take more ‘action.’ Learn more at www.greenfleet.org.au

Epilepsy Australia and Other charities:

We periodically support EA as my husband has epilepsy and suffered a devastating seizure in 2019 that meant he was unable to ever return to his previous work as his licences were cancelled for a minimum 10 year term. We also tragically lost a friend to a catastrophic seizure in 2018. Her name is Erin. She loved Elton John and Taylor Swift and she was vibrant. We periodically donate to other charities and families in need. The New Devine actually sort of started because a family we knew needed help and Claire just thought ‘if I painted something and sold it, we could give them the money.’