This is us.

At The New Devine, we love making art that brings a smile to your face. Art that celebrates the wild, joyful spirit of Australia. Art for everyone.

We’ve worked hard to make sure The New Devine collection is accessible to anyone who has ever felt locked out of the art world or thought ‘art just isn’t for me’.

That means our collection is full of joyful, unpretentious, modern pieces that bring a relaxed elegance to any home—no interior stylist required.

It also means that accessible pricing, easy-to-frame prints and ready-to-hang originals will always feature in our collections.

Our focus on accessibility doesn’t come at the expense of quality. Claire uses only the best paints and canvases to create her original works. We also work with local expert craftspeople to create the finest quality prints. Finally, we hand-pack and post every single order—right here from The New Devine home—to make sure they arrive in pristine condition.

From our family to yours, we hope you find something in The New Devine collection that you’ll fall in love with—and that brings endless joy to your home.

Meet Claire Devine

Full-time artist | Chooser of Joy

An emerging authority in Australian art, Claire is also the chief doer at The New Devine. She’s the writer of thank you cards, packer of artworks, proofer of prints, editor of website pages and replier-to-every-single-message-on-Instagram.

The Grandaughter of celebrated French artists and potters, Claire was born in Toulouse, France and grew up in an art gallery space in Brisbane, Australia. A classical musician and high school teacher, she started painting as a way to pass the evening hours while her handsome Irish husband, Seamus, was away for work.

Claire took a break from her regular work when Seamus became ill and their infant son was diagnosed with partial blindness. This break allowed the family to reprioritise, focus on each other and give energy to Claire’s painting. As popularity for Claire’s work grew, The New Devine quickly evolved from a painting pass time into a serious, full-time business.

Imbued with vibrancy, colour and joy, The New Devine collection of works is an unbridled celebration of Claire’s Australian roots, French heritage and Irish connections.

The New Devine family live between their home in Brisbane, Australia and their little farmhouse in Cold Country, Ireland. Claire loves coffee, vintage champagne, Dad jokes, yoga and long walks with her 'tame wolf' Nanette. Her husband, Seamus is chief dispatch manager, tea-maker, nap-taker and absolutely essential to keeping the artist happy and The New Devine humming.

The New Devine business was built on a foundation of altruism and Claire and Seamus continue to commit to doing good in any way they can—from slipping small gifts into orders to regular charitable donations and a commitment to sustainable practices.

Nothing makes them happier than helping to bring beauty and joy to families and homes everywhere.

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