Vibrant Australian Original Art and Luxurious Fine Art Prints for Choosers of Joy

— Claire Devine

Australian artist Claire Devine sitting in front of colorful abstract paintings and smiling

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The New Devine.

Vibrant Australian art that celebrates our island home hidden in the summer for a million years.

Claire is The New Devine; Aussie-French Paintress creating artworks for modern dwellers who have grown up but not old. Her works have been described as #relaxedelegance and are featured by some of the greatest authorities in Australian decor - The Block Shop, Art Edit Magazine, Frankie Magazine, Country Style Magazine, House and Garden UK Magazine and The Finders Keepers Markets.

Raw, heartfelt, spirited, joyful Australian art that feels recklessly wild and yet somehow like the home you were always meant to find.

This is art for the modern maison.

This is the New French. The New Australian.

The New Devine