Do you have a Utopian retail space and a passion for colour?

I’m always keen to hear from new wholesalers/stockists but not everyone is the right fit.

I name most of my work after those people I cherish most in the world - that’s a reflection of them and on how much I want to love and protect my art…just like I do my friends and family.

So, please send an email to with some photos and a description of your retail space (location, vibe, other designers you stock…) a bit about you (How long you’ve been doing what you do? Why you love it? Do you like dogs?) and your ABN.

I promise if we work together I won’t have any other stockists within your retail area (and probably not for suburbs around, too.) Special art shouldn’t be bandied about just anywhere.

All orders can be mixed up with whatever combo of prints framed/unframed/sizes you like. Originals can also be included in wholesale orders.

First order: $500 minimum

The New Devine currently appears in the following amazing spaces:


Frankie Magazine Summer 2018

Art Edit Magazine August 2020

Country Style Magazine 2020-2021

House and Garden UK Magazine 2020-2021


Finders Keepers

Etsy Made Local

Boho Luxe

Love Handmade


The Block Shop

Hard to Find


Art Lovers Australia

Siesta Home


Field Trip Balhannah