LIMITED ED - The 70s Square Print - Wholesale

LIMITED ED - The 70s Square Print - Wholesale

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I just love a good wreath. Christmas, Easter, Tuesday….any occasion is a good one.

Christmas is my favourite time of year. I love gift-giving, family time, cooking and remembering how blessed we truly are.

This year's Christmas print can be loved year ‘round. She’s really just a sweet flower crown. Have you ever worn one? I wore a flower crown on our wedding day. I wore it out the next day to lunch with hubby (how could you not?) and I was wearing a little floaty pink dress. The little girl at the table next to us exclaimed loudly to everyone, “Look, Mummy! There is a REAL fairy having lunch!” (Spoiler - she meant me!) Her mother told me later that there was magic in the room because I was so happy. I AM so happy…but I should have been a flower child of the 70s for sure!

This print is limited edition meaning that only 30 prints will be made in each of the 30cm and 50cm sizes. They will be numbered and signed by yours truly.

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