Summer is Still Here

Summer is Still Here


I know it is Autumn, but does Australia know that?!

Where we are, the days are getting cooler. The nights are downright magical - crisp and clear. The sort of nights you want to go down to the bottom of the garden to see the fireflies or dance under the fairy lights strung around the wisteria on the terrace...but it seems that in most of the country summer still relentlessly it seems to in the studio. Summer just keeps turning up on the canvas. 

If you’re craving the return of the summer holidays - there’s a cheeky kayak bobbing in the shallows of this one and it has your name all over it. I didn’t paint it in, but I’m pretty sure there’s a hammock under the palms for my arvo nap. It’s an uninhabited island though, so BYO mojotos. 

76x101cm on deep edge gallery canvas. Aka BIG and BEAUTIFUL! Ready to hang.

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