#Squareathon - No. 4 Strawberry Fields Forever

#Squareathon - No. 4 Strawberry Fields Forever


Approx 42x42cm on sublime Arches textured watercolour paper.

No prints. Absolutely one of a kind. Part of a series, these gems look great guns on their own or mix and match a few to make an impact on a giant wall.

I joined the #squareathon challenge because I wanted to paint every day without fail for two weeks and challenge myself with new ideas, concepts and techniques. I wondered if it would serve as a bit of mindfulness amidst the noise and haste. The resulting posts on Instagram went unexpectedly viral in ‘art land’ and left me reeling slightly from the overwhelming lovely response. Turns out these happy, eclectic, unplanned, heart-on-sleeve creations are addictive and smile-inducing.

Always listen to that little voice inside you that urges you to create!

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