International Women's Day Release - Erin

International Women's Day Release - Erin


Please note: In honour of International Women’s Day this week, this original will be used to make prints which will continually contribute to charity - Epilepsy Australia. You can read more about how that works on the Print Pre-order page. The original and prints will be posted mid-March.

I know two beautiful people named Erin and I've been waiting for a while for the right painting to come along to honour them.

Erin - a mate I never met but can’t forget. Erin is all spark. Elton John and Taylor Swift fan. Lover of dogs (hers in particular.) All around legend who should still be here but isn’t…and that just isn’t ok.

“How wonderful life is, while you’re in the world.” E.J.

Erin is also the name of an incredible young lady born a day apart from my son. They have literally known each other their whole lives. Not many people get to have ‘lifelong’ friends. We’re all-the-happy-feels about that.

12 x 16 inches. (About A3 size.) Deep edge canvas. Ready to hang. She is super lush and textured in real life.

Prints are available for pre-order on the Prints page. These will ship mid-March.

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