It's a Jungle Out There Print

It's a Jungle Out There Print

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Summer is fading. Your walls don’t have to.

Have you ever done the old 'look-around-the-house’ trick and thought…this is all a bit serious?!

When did we become adults? Why? Ok - there are definite advantages: driving, eating chocolate cake for breakfast (literally no one is policing that), cracking a beer at 2pm on a Sunday because you can….

Then there’s things like mowing, cleaning toilet-training-toddler accidents out of the bath, folding laundry and keeping miserable houseplants with a death wish alive.

Here’s a bunch of greenery for the house that won’t die or require any of your time or effort. Save a houseplant from near-certain death - buy a print instead.

Both 30cm and 50cm prints fit in standard size frames. For 70cm prints, we recommend framing by your local picture framing shop legends. Or you can choose an option where my framers do it for you and you get an amazing ready-to-hang result!

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