Enzo Cropped Print

Enzo Cropped Print

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Please note: this is a cropped edition to fit A-size frames. The original Enzo was painted on square canvas. Square prints also available in separate listing.

There is a plethora of small islands hanging around off the coast of New Caledonia where I spent a lot of time growing up. Seemingly uninhabited, undiscovered islands where children can do their best Mowgli impressions; running wild and swinging from trees into the crystalline water as their parents drink beers from the esky, snorkel and fish from the beach. In the evenings everyone dances under the stars.

This is an aerial view of one of those land-that-time-forgot islands with extra happy and mystery thrown in.

Enzo is a precious (now not so little) man - the son of one of my best friends who I have loved so much since holding him as a tiny newborn. Gotta love those friends who become family.

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