Cadence Print

Cadence Print

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Happy colours are always in vogue! You know I hate waste - here’s the latest ‘USE-ALL-OF-THE-PAINT’ creation. She’s totally swoon-worthy. This season’s colours happen to be my faves so it all works out so nicely! We are decorating our farmhouse and I’ve been looking for the perfect piece that I love to look at whilst sitting in my favourite cuppa chair but that is also lovely for our son’s fave play spot (since the two are in the same room.) Anyway - long story short - after searching for ages and not finding anything I remembered…I’m an artist! So I painted what I wanted and this is it. I usually flatly refuse to even share on social media the pieces I paint for our home - there is something intensely personal and private about our art that I like to keep seperate from the wider art world…but this one was too special not to share.

This piece combines all of the playful HAPPY of toddler exuberance with all of the eclectic elegance anyone could possibly want. She’s named for Cadence. My son is two but he wants to marry her - she’s beautiful, petite, whatever the opposite of a push-over is, a hater of early-mornings and lover of weetbix. Mainly, she’s all joy and good times.

There is perfection in the imperfect and joy in simplicity.

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