Uluru Print

Uluru Print

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Captivating, mysterious and pleasantly haunting. This one will take you to another place. She’ll make you happy every day of the week. Walking around Uluru we found so many cool, shady gullies with gorgeous marks on the rock from the water that gushes down once a year. That’s the vista you can see here.

Hubby proposed at Uluru, in the desert, under the stars on a surprise holiday. We stayed in this little villa that had a view out to The Rock and what they say is true - it appears to change colour and glow at different parts of the day. Apparently there’s some fancy-pants scientific explanation for this but mainly it is just MAGICAL. If you’d ever asked me if I wanted to go there I would have told you it wasn’t on my bucket list…but it has been three years and I’m haunted by visions of it all of the time. Just this picture that keeps coming back into my mind without any apparent trigger during the day. I can’t wait to go back.

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